Casio Desktop Calculator DJ-120D PLUS (12 Digits)

Casio uses the highest technology to provide the best & reliable calculators.
Casio Desktop calculator is made from high quality materials, and provide many features to be essential part on your desk, meets all the needs of a real calculator. Whether used in the office or outside anywhere Is flexible and can be trusted Never miss a course of calculation.

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  • Extra large 12-digit LCD display
  • Check and display the operation up to 300 steps.
  • There is a "sound" to verify the calculation. (New function)
  • Independent memory
  • Simple algebraic calculations
  • Calculate the selling price Mark up (MU)
  • Calculates percent (%) and radical (square root).
  • Material : Plastic buttons with metallic protection cover
  • Set the system to adjust the decimal (cut, up, 5/4, ADD Mode)
  • 4 decimal places can be set and can be set to 2 decimal places
  • There is a DISP button to adjust the format of the comma.
  • Button GO TO select to view information to the desired line
  • There is a key for removing 1 digit backward at a time.
  • 2 power systems, both solar and battery
  • Size: 19.2 x 14.4 x 3.5 Cm


  • One Year

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  • Casio Desktop Calculator DJ-120DPLUS (12 Digits)